Our story


Gadara ministries is a Registered (248-196 NPO) Non-Profit Organisation with the sole purpose of bringing people to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are registered as a voluntary association. We can be further described as a religious community service provider that offers support, facilitation and training in the areas of evangelism, deliverance and spiritual warfare. View our Registration Certificate

The Need

The need that currently exists is overwhelming.
On the one hand, people are lost in the turmoil and sinful nature of this world, without the knowledge of the forgiveness and redemption that comes from a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Linked to this is the inability of the church to effectively evangelise to the lost. Through our experience and observation, there has been a shift in the focus from going out to reach the lost, towards maintaining the members within the church.

The ministry also focuses on those people that are saved, that know Jesus Christ our Saviour, but are oppressed by the enemy, by the dark forces of this world whose mission is to distract and keep the children of God away from Him and away from their true purpose in the body of Christ. This has been exacerbated by the church’s lack of knowledge, understanding and experience in the field of deliverance and inner healing.

The Solution

The goal of Gadara ministries is to tackle these specific areas with very specific methods and objectives. The ministry is made up of three sectors, each have a mission to reach out to the specific groups of people mentioned: Evangelism, Deliverance, and Spiritual Warfare.

The evangelism portion of the ministry will focus on taking the true gospel to people. The message we spread is based purely on the Word of God, the way the message is spread is based on scriptural references to how Jesus Christ shared the good news. The evangelism team is also committed to training and equipping others to evangelise. The teaching material and methods used are based on The Way of the Master audio and visual aids.

The deliverance portion of the ministry will focus on assisting people through actual individual and group deliverance ministry sessions to get victory and freedom over strongholds and spiritual hosts of wickedness. The body of Christ will further be equipped through training on relevant subjects concerning deliverance and inner healing using both online and onsite training.

The spiritual warfare will focus on equipping the church and believers on how to effectively engage in this battle with the enemy and address warfare in the home, workplace, in church and in communities. This will be done through practical lectures, trainings and online presentations.